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Lynx Landscaping

Green Solutions for Your Lawn

With Lynx Landscaping, achieving a lush, vibrant lawn is easier than you think. Our comprehensive Turfing Service includes site clearance, preparation, precise laying, and proper watering.

We’re professional turf trades in the Gold Coast region, ensuring your site is immaculately prepared, whether it’s your first turf installation or a replacement. We remove concrete and paving to create the ideal foundation.

With Lynx, your project receives the highest standards of coordination and expertise, as if it were our own backyard. We handle all the hard work, saving you time and labour, and our fully trained staff ensures professional installations.

We incorporate the latest irrigation and drainage technologies to maintain a healthy, weed-free landscape. Our systems, equipped with sensors, automatically regulate watering based on soil moisture levels, maximising water efficiency.

Our specialists handle irrigation system installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and onsite repairs. We conduct seasonal inspections and adapt irrigation systems as your landscape evolves, ensuring ongoing efficiency. Choose Lynx Landscaping for a vibrant, well-maintained lawn and efficient water management.

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