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At Lynx Landscaping, we specialise in all things excavation and earthworks. We operate across all of the Gold Coast, working with commercial and residential customers alike to deliver flexible and professional services.

Here at Lynx Landscaping, we undertake a wide range of services. We provide our clients with different types of excavation and earthmoving, tree clearing, road construction and demolitions services. Our experienced staff can work on any size of project – whether it be large or small.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring safe working conditions at all times. That’s why we take every precaution possible to ensure that not only will you be satisfied with our service, but also that your safety is never compromised.

ALL THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY: We pride ourselves on being as technologically innovative as possible, so all our equipment is top-of-the-line and always up-to-date. We also offer comprehensive training programs for those new to the industry.

ECO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS AVAILABLE: In addition to all our other services, we also offer a range of eco-friendly options including recycling rubble and environmentally friendly waste disposal.

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Lynx Landscaping

Gold Coast Earthmoving Services Include:


We provide a range of services including demolition, earthworks, rock walls, asphalt & kerbing, pipework and more. We can also construct roads for you! All you need to do is give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page.


Rock walls are an excellent way to keep your property safe from erosion – call us today to find out more about our rock wall construction service!


Lynx Landscaping do a variety of different pipe laying and excavation projects. We make sure to include everything from trenching & bulk excavation. We also offer concreting and road repair, amongst other services.

Asphalt & Kerbing

Our management team have extensive skills in quality assurance and have industry-leading policies & procedures to ensure the client’s needs are met. Whatever your civil engineering needs are, we have the experience and resources available to help you. Whether it’s a major road project or something more minor like resurfacing your driveway, our experts are here to talk you through it.


We specialise in the safe and successful demolition of residential, commercial and industrial structures. This might be for demolitions that need to take place such as making way for the new, partial demolitions for a rebuild or minor demolitions for renovations. We are skilled operators who work quickly to demolish your structure.

Tree Clearing

Lynx Landscaping provides a wide range of tree services to commercial and private clients. These include removal, stump grinding, land clearance, arborist reports, and more. We have the ability to remove logs and stump from site ready for redevelopment.

Lynx Landscaping

Frequently Asked Questions

Excavations are the process of digging or removing earth, sand, or gravel from one place on the ground to another. Depending on what is being excavated, different types of excavations exist.
There are two main types of excavation: surface and underground. Surface excavations are done on land that is visible, while underground excavations are done in spaces that have been dug out.
Underground excavations can be further broken down into tunneling and shafts. Tunneling is used to create a passage for people or vehicles under the ground surface. Shafts are created to reach deposits that lie deep below the surface of the ground.

The way an excavation is done could be affected by many factors. For example, the type of soil that is being excavated. The type of soil can affect the way an excavation is done because it will determine if the excavation is to be done manually or with heavy machinery.
Another factor that could change the way an excavation is done would be if there are any artifacts present at the site. If there are artifacts, then they have to be removed before excavating, which would change how an excavation is conducted.

It is important to take safety precautions while working in an excavation site. There are many hazards that you may encounter. Some of these hazards include:
– Slippery surfaces due to rain or snow
– Falling objects
– Debris on the ground
– Uneven ground
– Poor visibility due to darkness or fog

The risks associated with excavating are environmental, financial, and social. The environmental risk is that the environment can be damaged by the excavation process. This includes air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination. The financial risk is that the company may not have enough money to complete the project. The social risk is that the locals may not want to move out of their homes or work at a new site.
Some of these risks are unavoidable while others can be mitigated through careful planning and execution of the project.

Lynx Landscaping

Excavation Gold Coast

It’s common knowledge that a landscape can make or break your home. That’s why you should put as much effort as possible into investing in professional landscaping and earthmoving services.

Get your landscaping done by the professionals from Lynx Landscaping Gold Coast. Whether you need an excavation or just a few yards of soil moved, you’re covered with this company who offers earthmoving services at competitive rates.

We are a team of dedicated, expert professionals who are experienced in the field of excavation and earthmoving. We have specialised teams who work on different projects, which means that there is no job too big or small for us to handle.

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